11/Mar/2022:  Beyond the endless darkness
12/Dec/2021:  A Long Journey
11/Jul/2021:  Model III
12/Sep/2020:  Awakening
21/Mar/2020:  Archvile's Message
27/Dec/2019:  Dangerous Wyvern
11/Aug/2019:  Joy
13/Jul/2019:  Chinese Story
16/Feb/2019:  Downtown
01/Sep/2018:  Sailing
21/Jul/2018:  Last Blade
15/Apr/2018:  Terra Brandford
24/Mar/2018:  Vanishing
01/Nov/2017:  Terra
27/Oct/2017:  Bucky
26/Aug/2017:  Model II
05/Aug/2017:  ashita no joe
11/Jly/2017:  advance() is up to u
04/Apr/2017:  Landscape
04/Apr/2017:  Marnie
29/Oct/2016:  Sephyro
14/Sep/2016:  This Land
31/Jul/2016:  Another World
17/Apr/2016:  Walking in the spring
20/Mar/2016:  Edgar
10/Jan/2016:  Sailing in the night
03/Oct/2014:  Dark Cloud
08/Sep/2012:  Tomorrow Joe
27/Aug/2011:  Model I
03/Jan/2004:  Yarn (A long journey)

25/Nov/2021:  ThorVG: A Universal Vector Graphics Engine for Motion Graphics
08/Nov/2019:  rlottie: A New Approach to Motion Graphics UI
27/Mar/2019:  rLottie: A platform independent library for Lottie Animation
01/May/2018:  Fast Edge Tracking Anti-Aliasing
16/Mar/2018:  Tizen View Manager
13/Oct/2017:  Open-source, How we survive with it?
13/Oct/2017:  Unique but fast! Make your Tizen apps shine
25/Aug/2017:  Improved Linked List (Inlist)
14/Aug/2017:  How it different?
15/Nov/2016:  Text on path
15/Sep/2016:  A Tip for Tizen Studio EDC Editor
09/Sep/2016:  A* Algorithm
23/Jan/2015:  Tizen Native App Programming: Complex Graphical Design & Layout

07/Jan/2022:  가식과 변명
29/Sep/2017:  에드문드의 신념
14/Mar/2017:  어둠의 참상
01/Mar/2016:  파랑새
07/Mar/2013:  운명의 동전
25/Aug/2011:  아크 엔젤
08/Jun/2011:  우리가 밝히지 못하는 진실
27/Apr/2010:  절규
28/Feb/2010:  뉴 소르피칼에 대한 회상
06/Jan/2009:  어느 20대의 삶
20/Oct/2005:  잊혀진 시인의 날
23/Mar/2005:  아크바일의 메세지
17/Mar/2004:  유스타샤

Toy Projects
08/Jan/2022:  ThorVG
31/Oct/2016:  Sephyross
31/Aug/2016:  Enventor
30/Nov/2012:  EFL Articles 
06/Oct/2011:  Cuda by Example 
11/Sep/2009:  Intel Threading Building Blocks 
07/Aug/2008:  Space Vision 
19/Jun/2008:  Fantastic Aquarium 
10/Jan/2008:  GOne Physics Engine 
31/Jul/2007:  GOne Engine 
24/May/2007:  Ceiling Designer 
27/Feb/2007:  Simple P2P 
18/Jan/2007:  Arch Angel 
13/Sep/2006:  Troll's Alignment Battle