just flashed through my mind, working self for opensource projects also be a voluntary service if the opensource helps the society or other people. But does present society have a view regarding it as a sort of voluntary work?

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또 그 사람 꿈을 꿨어요.


잠에서 깨어났을 땐 그는 거품처럼 사라졌어요.


꿈과 현실을 구분하지 못하고 방황했어요.


손을 뻗어도 그에게 닿질 못하고


찢어질 듯한 고통 속으로부터 온 힘을 다해 벗어났어요.


순간 정신을 차렸는데 실명한 것 같았어요.


이런 상실감 정말 참을 수가 없네요.


또다시 눈을 뜰 수가 없어요...

我不该爱的人 爱了

사랑해서는 안될 사람을 사랑했어요.

我不该碰的情 深了

해서는 안될 사랑에 빠져버렸어요.

我不该奢求的 结果

제 욕심이 지나치다는 것을 알면서도 어째서 또 기대를 하나.

终究是没结果 我认了

결국 아무것도 남지 않았다는 것을 알았는데도.

我不该再执着 痛了

집착하면 안되는 것을 알면서 또 아파했어요.

我看着他照片 哭了

그의 사진을 보고 울었어요.

我证明自己的尊严 还在

또다시 제 존재를 확인해보지만,


무슨 의미가 있나요.


그가 지금 저에게 설명하기 어려운 이유가 있을 거라고 믿어요.


사실 가망성이 없다는 것도 알고 있어요.


스스로를 속일지라도 진실은 변하지 않죠.


이런 절, 누가 이해해줄 거라고 기대하지도 않아요.

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People may think you are an extroverted person.

Because you look an extraordinary character in front of people.

On the stage, you are a nice leader carrying good quality of speech skills on your back.

However after went down behind from the stage, you feel silent cold air overwhelms you.


Only few people can see the real of you.

You are likely to help them for the great party but once it's getting started to the climax,


you go backside of the stage, take a breather and then you smile with a glass of wine.




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So, this is my current toy project which is a 2d arcade game engine. I just started but I have no idea to keep me this engine development or not.
Let's see..

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This is a my first piano song that I've practiced.
The title is "Stones" which is the theme of the Ultima games which I'd been totally into.
That melody touches me whenever I listen, it makes me feel if I go back in old days.
Peaceful, Sad, Lovely and Soothing.
Even the playing is a little awful, I believe you guys love this song if you were also a big pan of Ultima.