The winter soldier.
Material: 4B&H pencil, Sketchbook

These days, source code is more liked to opened to others than before. Many companies runs tremendous open-source projects, developers are more interested in the open-source projects for their careers.

In this topic, Hermet Park likes to share his open-source activity experience with attendees. He will not only describe why we are interested in the open-source projects but also talk about open-source activities describing his experiences.

The GUI is the the most important part of modern applications. It’s getting difficult to implement modern UX design for developers because it requires more intuitive and better intelligent user interactions. In the meantime, simple and unique design is a good point for application identity.

In this session, the speaker will first share the core concepts behind Tizen native programming, then will present how to create custom UI designs for Tizen applications, using elegant GUI tools.

Finally, he will demonstrate how to develop and custom design a fancy-looking application.

During this session, the focus will not be on Tizen specifically but on modern GUI application development with EFL, which is the core UI Toolkit for Tizen.