I've been living in China since the beginning of this year to study Chinese and its culture. Before came to China actually, I had one major goal-and yet still- to achieve, writing a book. Come to think of it, I've somewhat hesitated to start it because of learning Chinese. It's annoying more than I expected, It took me a lot of time struggling.

Recently, I visited in one of my favorite websites, Fabien Sanglard, and found out his one of activities is writing a game engine black book and it is just out of corner. Yes! That is what I've dreamed long time ago. Also, I am finally sick and tired of this Chinese life. It informs me a moment to go on to the next stage. 

So far, I believe I'm familiar with Chinese (a little probably?), and need a new one to simultaneously go with. Writing a book in regard to a S/W techniques and that would be a sort of the UI engine black book. 

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